The Vineyard


Deux Soldats Estate Vineyard

The Deux Soldats Estate Vineyard is situated in the Walla Walla Valley Appellation of Washington State, approximately one mile north of the Washington - Oregon border. This 10-acre vineyard was planted in 2011 at an elevation of 886 feet. Vineyard soil is composed of Spofford Silt Loam and sand, and wind-blown glacial loess which provides a porous, well-drained, mineral-rich soil. Our main grape varietals are French Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Malbec.

Vine spacing is four feet between vines and eight feet between North-South rows resulting in a high-density vineyard of 1361 vines per acre. Closer spacing of the vines in this low vigor soil forces competition between the neighboring rows of vines forcing the roots to grow deeper resulting in more complex wine grapes.

Our Vines

We utilize a Vertical Shoot Positioning (VSP) trellis system.  Two fruiting canes are trained to grow in opposite directions establishing a cordon. The VSP arranges for shoots to grow upwards from the cordon.  The fruit bunches hang approximately three feet off the ground. This system promotes air circulation and light exposure encouraging grapes to ripen evenly.

Average rainfall in the valley is usually eight inches or less during the growing season. Therefore, we utilize drip irrigation to control the amount of water that each vine receives with precision. Control of irrigation optimizes fruit quali­ty, influences wine style, and controls canopy vigor to manage berry volume and light exposure of the grapes promoting ripening, wine style and aromatics. This produces more fruit forward and balanced wines.

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Our vineyard is certified by the Internationally recognized Low Input Viticulture and Enology (LIVE) program for sustainable farming, and is also certified Salmon Safe.  The LIVE program promotes viticulture that respects the environment, is economically viable, and ensures the production of healthy grapes of high quality with a minimum use of agrochemicals. Our vineyard crew is shared with a sister vineyard allowing the two vineyards to provide our small crew with full time employment throughout the season.

Our vineyard sentinel is our beloved vineyard dog, Sully. He was named by our children after a Disney movie. He welcomes all visitors and runs beside vehicles as you approach the vineyard. He has even been known to taste a grape cluster or two when the grapes reach 26 Brix.